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Upcoming Classes for Adults 

Certification Class:  Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens

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This certification class is designed for the individual who wishes to teach etiquette classes, incorporate etiquette in the classroom, or learn additional information about etiquette. This certification program presents participants with information to teach Social Etiquette, Communication Skills and Table Manners.  See our website for additional information. 

We offer this class in a number of different ways to make it easy to work with your schedule. 

  • First, we will offer the class in our office in Towson, Maryland for anyone who is able to travel to Maryland.  This is a two day program during which you will participate in activities and see and use the props that make the classes you will teach fun for the students.  You will receive a copy of each of the three workbooks both electronically and in paper form.  We will also enjoy a meal together at a fine dining restaurant where you will practice dining skills and learn how to teach these skills at the table.  This class will be offered next  July 14 & 15, 2017.  The investment for this class is $795.    To register: download, fill out & mail in form, call 1-410-832-7555, or use paypal below to register.
  • This certification class is also offered on an individual basis, either virtually or here in our Towson offices, on dates of your choosing.  The investment is $795.  Please call 410-832-7555 to register.

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Certification Class: Teaching Etiquette to Adults and Business Professionals

This certification class is designed for the individual who wishes to teach etiquette to adults, business professionals, college and graduate students, and new entries into the workplace. This two-day program presents information to enable participants to teach first impressions and dress, body language and nonverbal communication, communication skills, civility, networking, and business dining skills. See our website for additional information.

Investment for the two day privately scheduled program: $2500.

Based on your feedback, this program is also offered on an appointment basis. View our brochure for more information.


If you bring another person to take this two day course with you, you will receive a $200 discount.

If you would like to schedule dates, please call 410-832-7555 to register for this certification class.

This certification class can also be taught using the internet rather than in person if travel is an issue for you.  Please call us at 1.410.832.7555 to discuss this option.


Certifed Consultant Training
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NEW!!   When combined with the Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens program, this program can be completed in one extra day.  On Thursday, July 13, we will be offering a one day Teaching Etiquette to Adults and Business Professionals program, which, when combined with the two day Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens class (or any prior Teaching Etiquette to Children and Teens class), will allow you to receive a certification in both programs. This one day program is only open to those whom we have already certified in teaching to children or who are registered for the current class.  Investment for the three day combined program:  $3045.  Call 1-410-832-7555.

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The International School of Protocol offers a limited number of open enrollment classes for adults.  If you have a group (college friends, work colleagues or neighbors, for example), we are happy to customize a class for you.  Rates are reasonable and the classes are not only great learning experiences, but also lots of fun.  Click here to see a list of sample classes and topics.  Call us at 410-832-7555 to talk about organizing a class.


Classes for Children and Teens

During the summertime, the School does not offer children's programming other than the camp and Enoch Pratt programming listed below.  We would be happy to work with you on a customized program for your group, though, if the camp schedule does not meet your needs.  Regular after school programming will begin again the fall.



 Dine Like a King or Queen  

at the  

 Enoch Pratt Free Library

  (Check with branch regarding any age restrictions and to confirm times.)

                                                                            Watch our website for summer dates for these fun, FREE and informative programs! 

Do you find your child ignores your pleadings to behave at the table?  These classes at the Enoch Pratt are a shortened version of our basic table manners program and a great way to introduce your child to the how and why of table manners. In this interactive session your child will learn the basics of setting the table and behavior at the table. Hands on practice with real food will be part of the class. Some branches also allow parents to join in, so be sure to check.


Wednesday, June 28                                6:00                      Roland Park Branch

Thursday, June 29                                    4:30                     Herring Run Branch


Summer Camps for Kids Ages 4-High School     

Beary Good Manners For Boys and Girls (Age 4 to 7 OR 4 to entering grade 2, depending on site)                      

Make learning manners even more fun when you bring a stuffed animal friend to camp!  It is never too early to learn these ever important skills.  The earlier you start learning to shake hands, to look someone in the eyes and to introduce yourself and others, the more likely it is that these skills become second nature.  Campers are amazed how much fun learning these skills can be when you get to color, use puppets and dress ups, and lots of fun props to practice these real life skills.  In addition to the above topics, campers will also learn conversation skills, table manners, magic words, telephone skills, being a good host and guest  and how to make new friends.  Be sure to bring a stuffed animal (bear or any other animal) friend with you to camp.  Campers will create a manners workbook to bring home.  

When:    July 24-28
Time:      9:00am-12:00pm
Investment:   $225

Register online or contact Scott Corning 410-313-4622 or

Can also register for Chess Camp in the afternoon for a full day of camp.

Hey, Dude!  That’s Rude!:  How To Be Socially Smart (Ages 8 to age 12 or entering grade 7, depending on site)

Face it!  Parents want their kids to have good manners and to hang out with other kids who have good manners.  As a parent or grandparent, we request the same behaviors over and over again, but it does not always seem to stick.  This camp is a fun way to reinforce those skills you are teaching at home.  The campers will use lots of hands on play to learn and practice these skills that are a necessity in today’s world, but which are too often forgotten by kids and adults alike.  Topics include shaking hands, eye contact, introducing yourself and others, making conversation, table manners, common courtesies, telephone skills, being a good host and guest and even public speaking and writing thank you notes.  

Where:   Dunloggin Middle School

When:    July 17-21
Time:      9:00am-12:00pm
Investment:   $225
Register online or call Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or
Can also register for Cooking Camp in the afternoon for a full day of camp


Gain the Competitive Edge (High School Students)

Opportunities abound for teens who demonstrate highly effective communication and social skills. Whether in the classroom, on the job, preparing for colleges, or getting ready for an interview, it is important for a teen to understand what distinguishes him or her from the rest of the pack. Discover the secrets to success in this 2-day program.  Participants may attend one or both days.

Day   I      First Impressions, Image, Dress, Professionalism,

                 Nonverbal Communication, Listening, Conversation Skills,

                 Electronic Etiquette, Telephone Skills

Day II       Interviewing, Resume Building, Dining Skills, Thank You Notes                                                    teen picture

When:    August 23 AND/OR August 24                                                                     
Time:      5:30-8:30 pm
Investment:   $65
Register online for Day 1 and/or Day 2 or call Will Banks 410.313.4609