Public Speaking

Whether speaking in front of a group or presenting to just one person, the ability to speak well and with confidence is paramount to success in the business world, the political arena and as a leader. Knowing how to develop and deliver speeches for maximum impact will aid you in any professional situation, public occasion, or social gathering. Public speaking training can be individualized or in a group, political or corporate setting. 

Topic areas include:

Keys to Presentation Techniques

  • Effective Use of Voice: Rate, volume, pitch, articulation, tone, fluency, vocal emphasis, breath
  • Proper Eye Contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Use of Hands and Body Movement
  • Proper Use of Notes 

Verbal and Nonverbal Expression

Using Effective Speaking Techniques in Various Formats

  • Speaking with a Teleprompter
  • Speaking in Front of a Camera
  • Speaking on Radio, Internet, Skype
  • Speaking to Small and Large Groups
  • Mass Media Presentations
  • Youtube Presentations
  • Televised Presentations
  • Television Interviews
  • Panel Discussions 
  • Forums 
  • Conferences 
  • Group Discussions

Tips for overcoming Stage Fright

Structuring a Speech

  • Effective Beginnings and Endings
  • Getting and Keeping the Audience's Attention
  • Using Audio/Visual Aids
  • Organizing the Message

Audience Analysis

  • Understanding the background of an audience, plus addressing their needs, desires and values will significantly effect the impact of a message.

Maximizing Your Speaking Style

  • Use of branding
  • Choosing words carefully considering: economy, vivacity,clarity and accuracy
  • Deciding which public speaking approach works for best you: Extemporaneous, Manuscript, Memorized

Special Occasion Speeches

  • Speeches to Persuade or Motivate
  • Speeches of Apology and Regret
  • Speeches Introducing a Main Speaker
  • Speeches Welcoming a Guest to your Group
  • Responses to Welcomes
  • Eulogies